Matsuura MC-500V CNC Vertical Mill Machine

1981 MATSUURA MC-500V Vertical CNC Milling Center WITH M5G CONTROL  Serial Number: 80061198

Here is our listing on this Matsuura MC-500V on  ebay

Matsuura CNC Milling Machine

Machine is located in San Carlos, California at a working machine shop. San Carlos is half way between San Francisco and San Jose. It is available for inspection by appointment only. Machine is in good working condition. .Machine has brand new spindle



X axis 20

Y axis 13

Z axis 18

TABLE SIZE  36.2 X 12.6




Note: Control is General Dynamics Control. General Dynamics was bought by Fanuc. So this control uses Fanuc code which is very popular and easy to master and use.

SHIPPING: (Machine weights about 7,000 lbs)

We can arrange shipping via truck (rigger) and have it loaded and unloaded. We can quote you shipping separately just let us know your full address. Depending on how far you are from Northern California expect to pay $500 to $1000 for shipping within the United States. Shipping to Canada or Mexico or South America or to Europe or Asia will be considerably more.

Not too many of these old work horses available for purchase at this price point. Actually not too many comparable machines available at this price point either. If you are looking for a good entry level CNC Vertical Milling machine that is reliable ask around and you will find Matsuura (not Matsura) is a well respected maker of these machines.

We are motivated to sell this machine in the next week or two so do not be shy to make us reasonable offers also. We will respond to all inquiries and offers.

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