Xerox 510 Printer

The Xerox 510 Extreme printer we are selling here has been specially developed by reengineering the original Xerox 510 which was pretty unreliable. It has been reengineered by replacing the parts with a high failure rate with much more reliable parts. Thus, these printers we are selling here are dramatically more reliable than the original Xerox 510. The 510 is available as a standalone printer but is typically matched up with the Synergix Scanner. If you need a Synergix Scanner then let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

The Xerox 510 printer can come with a B&W scanner (as an added option), as well as with a faster scan speed than the default speed. The default printer speed for the 510 is 5 D size prints per minute and base units come with one paper tray. The systems we are selling here come with 3 paper drawers and 7 D or 10 D print speed and with or without the B&W Synergix scanner.

90 day warranty (not including the drum and cleaning blade)

Unit has been refurbished by a Xerox trained technician. All machines are re-manufactured, worn parts are replaced, and the units are thoroughly tested. Nearly all of our systems are low mileage systems. Many of the machines we acquire are low mileage to begin with.

If you need exact page counts let us know and we will see what we can do for you.For Xerox product spec and brochure visit below urls:

Spec on Xerox 510

Brochure on Xerox 510

Video on Xerox 510 on Youtube

Click to buy>> Xerox 510 Extreme A Package includes Standalone Printer 7 D PPM, 3 Drawers, AccXES RIP / Controller $5,850

Click to Buy>> Xerox 510 Extreme B Package includes Standalone Printer 10 D PPM, B&W Synergix Scanner, 3 Drawers, Scan-to-net feature, AccXes RIP / Controller $8450

Here is a pic of the B package with Synergix Scanner



The below options are available and can be purchased separately:
Color Scan (for Synergix) $1170
Turbo II Scan Speed Upgrade (for Synergix) $650
Turbo III Scan Speed Upgrade (requires Turbo II) (for Synergix) $650
Post Script feature $1170
10 D Size prints per minute upgrade

Weight and Dimensions:

625lbs 61″ L x 24″ D x 42″ H

Shipping is via padded delivery via Schock Logistics.

Please give us your zip code and we will give you a shipping quote.

Power Requirements:
To properly run and operate these systems you need to have a dedicated 220V 20 Amp power source. Sharing a circuit with this machine may cause unnecessary problems and may void the warranty.
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