Xerox 6204 Printer

All printer systems are remanufactured (refurbished), worn parts are replaced and the units are thoroughly tested. Nearly all of our systems are low mileage systems. Many of these machines we acquire are low mileage to begin with. If you need exact page counts let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

Xerox 6204: this is a great low to mid volume print / scan system.

Here is a link to the specs from Xerox:

Here is a link to the brochure > at

Check out our entertaining video on these Xerox 6204 systems

The basic system is a printer only with one drawer for paper. The machine accepts up to 36” wide paper, and prints at 600 DPI resolution with 256 levels of grey scale at 4-D size prints per minute. An embedded controller is the entry level controller which enables printing through the customer’s network.


The four packages or configurations we offer for the Xerox 6204 are as follows:

6204 Printer Only, with one drawer and embedded controller $4940 (BUY Xerox 6204 A Package)

6204 Printer w/ 600DPI B&W Scanner, one drawer, Scan-to-net feature, and embedded controller $5850 (Buy Xerox 6204 B Package)

6204 Printer w/ 600DPI B&W Scanner, one drawer, Scan-to-net feature, and AccXES RIP / controller $6,500 (Buy Xerox 6204 C Package

6204 Priner w/ 600DPI B&W Scanner, two drawers, Scan-to-net feature, and AccXES RIP / controller $7410 (Buy Xerox 6204 D Package

See all four Xerox 6204 packages so you can buy them online


The below options are available for the above configurations and can be bought separately:

600 DPI B& W Scanner 

AccXES external high capacity RIP / controller $1170

Scan-to-Net feature enabling scanning originals into digital form $715 

5-D size prints per minute upgrade $715

Second Paper Tray $1170

Post Script processing upgrade $1820


Understanding and configuring the systems properly can be a daunting task if you do not know what you are buying or selling. We hope these above packages or configurations will make it easier for you. We made up these configurations and they were not made up by Xerox.

Weight and Dimensions:

550lbs 52″ L x 23″ D x 42″ H

Shipping is via padded delivery via Schock Logistics.

Please give us your zip code and we will give you a shipping quote.

Power Requirements
To properly run these printing systems you need to have a dedicated 120V 15 A circuit.
Sharing a circuit with this machine may cause unnecessary problems and may void the warranty.
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