Xerox 6279 Printer

Xerox 6279 printer is a mid to high volume printer, with 600 DPI output and great print quality. The basic printer comes with one paper tray, which allows two roll capacity and a B&W scanner. The default printer speed is 7-D’s per minute, upgradable to 9-D’s. The scanner is also upgradeable to color scan. Note: these printers require a dedicated 220 V 20 Amp power source for the printer.

Here are links to product specs and brochure on the Xerox 6279

Xerox 6279 Spec

Xerox 6279 Brochure

Here is a link to a video we made on the Xerox 6279

We are offering two configurations as follows:

Click to buy> Xerox 6279 Package A includes Printer w/ B&W Scanner and one paper tray, Scan-to-net feature AccXES RIP / Controller, and 7-D print speed. $18,200

Click to buy>  Xerox 6279 Package B includes Printer w/ Color Scanner and two paper trays, Scan-to-net feature, AccXES RIP / Controller and 9-D print speed. $21,710

Option that can be purchased separately > 9 D Print Speed $2080

90 day warranty (Drum and Cleaning Blade not included)

Refurbished by experienced Xerox trained technician. All machines are re-manufactured, worn parts are replaced, and the units are thoroughly tested. Nearly all of our systems are low mileage systems. Many of the machines we acquire are low mileage to begin with. 

If you need exact page counts let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

Xerox 6279 Weight and Dimensions  750lbs 53″ L x 28″ D x 48″ H  We ship via padded delivery via Schock Logistics. Please contact us for a shipping quote and when you do provide us your zip code.

Due to fluctuating availability please allow us 1-2 weeks to get your system ready for shipment.

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