Xerox 6604 Printer

The Xerox 6604 printer is basically a 6204 printer engine but with an embedded on board color scanner and a slick touch screen interface. These systems only come with the higher powered AccXES RIP / controller (print server). The same upgrades or options for the 6204 apply to the 6604 (see below).

Here are links to product info and brochures at Xerox:
Xerox 6604 Product Spec

Xerox 6604 Product Brochure

Xerox 6604 Video on Youtube

We are selling two configurations as follows:
Click to Buy 6604 A   Xerox   $8,450.00 A Package includes Printer 4 D (A1) ppm w Color Scanner, 1 Drawer, touch screen interface, & AccXES RIP / controller  

Click to Buy 6604 B   Xerox    $9,360.00 B Package includes Printer 4 D (A1) ppm w Color Scanner, 2 Drawers, Scan-to-net, touch screen interface, & AccXES RIP / controller

If you are looking for 5 D PPM (5 D Size Prints Per Minute) for this 6604 printer then Check out our other eBay listings for the Xerox 6605. 

90 Day Warranty (Drum and Cleaning Blade not included)

This machine requires a dedicated 120V 15 A line for proper operation.
Sharing a circuit will greatly impact the reliability of the system and may void the warranty.

Refurbished by experienced Xerox trained technician. All machines are re-manufactured, worn parts are replaced, and the units are thoroughly tested. Nearly all of our systems are low mileage systems. Many of the machines we acquire are low mileage to begin with. If you need exact page counts let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

The below options are available for the above configurations and can be purchased separately.600 DPI B&W Scanner

Xerox AccXES external high capacity RIP / controller $1170

Scan-to-Net feature enabling scanning originals into digital form $175

5 D size prints per minute upgrade $715

Second paper tray $1170

Post Script processing upgrade $1820

Xerox 6604 weight and dimensions:
600 lb 53” L x 23” D x 48” H
We only ship via padded delivery via Schock Logistics.
From Schock’s web site:
“All of our trucks are equipped with hydraulic lift gate which allow your equipment to be lifted into the truck from ground level.
Once on board, your equipment is blanket-wrapped and strapped by trained professionals. Our special, air-ride-suspension
trailers are engineered with electronics in mind and provide a gentle ride for your equipment.

Contact us for a shipping quote and please provide your zip code. 

Due to fluctuating availability please allow us 1-2 weeks to get your system ready for shipment.

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